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Home Design Boise

Home design in Boise has never been busier and likely, it has never been harder to find the right match for your design needs. To know if Studio Boise is the right fit for you, we want to offer you this overview of our unique home design process.

At Studio Boise, we design new homes, remodels, and home additions. We put together the architectural home design from early phases like these quick sketches above through to the completion of finished construction documents that are used to acquire your building permits and communicate the design to your general contractor.

Site Visit

Our process begins with an on site visit where the architectural designer can see and experience the site, what drew you to this site, and identify any site specific challenges or benefits.

Getting to Know You

We communicate with the homeowner to learn more about your aesthetic preferences and living habits to start forming the essence of the design.

Preliminary Design

We host preliminary design meetings to discuss the direction of the architectural design, and through a series of follow up meetings begin to fine tune that design until we have built a detailed 3D model for you to view.

3D Home Modeling

Moving through and around the 3D space gives you the chance to be sure that you love your new home design before we begin putting together the construction documents.

Construction Documents

Architectural construction documents include the site plan, foundation and framing plans, home floor plans, sections that explain how parts of the building fit together, interior and exterior elevations explaining the materials and bespoke components of the home, and other important notes and details needed for building and building permits.

Support Through Construction

Studio Boise can recommend experienced local general contractors or work with your chosen builder to help answer questions throughout the construction process.

In the end, our process can take a matter months or more than a year. We charge an hourly fee so that the design fees fit only what your project needs. As a result, fees and time frames vary greatly depending on the many factors that are addressed during a project. We like to hold an initial consultation to learn more about your project so that we can best project the time and fees that your home's design requires.

The result is a home that is not duplicated anywhere else on Earth. A beautiful architectural design that is uniquely yours.


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