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Making the Box an Interesting Box

Modernism is defined by it's simplicity. Sometimes simplistic, modern design is more boring than inspiring. We have all seen authentic mid century home designs that don't ring that Atomic Home bell. Some are actually trying to span a gap between a modernist house and an old world cottage. I come across these often in my work as a residential designer. Occasionally budgets and time constraints will not allow for a dramatic transformation to the boxy shape of a home. In these situations, making the box a more interesting box is the challenge. Simplifying the materials that exist, maybe removing some for a more monochromatic textural scheme will bring the modernism to the mid century house. Maybe using the prevailing cladding materials in a different way to visually lift or stretch the house design will be the trick. What you see here is a quick sketch of just such a situation. Cutting the prevailing vertical siding to shorter lengths and staggering different widths gives this box an interesting refresh on a tight timeline.


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